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Protect your paysites from many kinds of attacks.

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  • Protect your paysites from User/Password Spoofing, Block Brute Force attack, Dictionary attack and Proxy based attacks.
  • Automatic Blocking
  • Redirection setting for the clients who has accessed illegally
  • Full functional Web user interface both in English and Japanese
  • Can be used with Load-balancing servers
  • Easy Install & Quick Start for Free!

Password traders and abuse can damage your paysites.

But, You do not need to worry anymore. OC11-ACANA is the ASP-type service which works with your web servers, detects the password violation and crackers and blocks them.

Your can use OC11-ACANA with your current Web servers with low load.

Install and setting are so easy and you can start quickly (only in 5 minutes) for free.

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